Truck Accident

R.L. was driving his car northbound on 71 highway near Butler, Missouri when he entered the left lane, put on his turn signal and started to turn into a marked crossover on the highway. A tractor-trailer behind R.L. had also entered the left lane and was trying to pass another vehicle. The truck driver testified that he looked in his rear-view mirror for a full two seconds to see if he was clear to pass. When he finally he looked up, he saw R.L.’s car in front of him. He was going too fast to stop and crashed into back of R.L.’s car.

R.L. and his car were thrown 100 feet into the median. Because of the severity of his injuries, R.L. was life-flighted to St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, where he was diagnosed with a collapsed lung, fractures throughout his spine, a traumatic brain injury, cerebral dysfunction and respiratory failure. He was ultimately hospitalized for 338 days and incurred nearly $1,000,000.00 in medical bills.

We filed suit on behalf of R.L. against the truck driver and the trucking company that employed him. We claimed that the driver was distracted and not paying attention when he caused this rear-end truck accident. We were able to resolve the case at mediation for a confidential amount.