Smith Mohlman Leroy, LLC Signs Lease for New Office Space

Smith Mohlman Leroy, LLC is moving to the Country Club Plaza on January 1, 2013. We have signed a lease for 5600 square feet of space on the 7th floor of the Plaza West Building at 4600 Madison, Kansas City, Missouri. We are all very excited about the new office which will provide us more space and better facilities as well as the latest in technology in order to better serve our personal injury and business clients in Kansas and Missouri. We will be providing more information as the move grows nearer. In the meantime, come see us at our current office at 7001 W 79th St., Overland Park, Kansas 66204.

Recent Case Settlement Regarding Safety and ATV’s

Kansas City personal injury attorney Rachel Smith has spent a significant amount of time this year working on a very important safety case involving a child who was injured in an ATV crash. The defendants in the case were at a party in Leavenworth, Kansas drinking alcohol when they placed a six-year-old boy on a homemade ATV. The defendants gave the boy no instructions on how to operate the machine, no instructions on safety, no instructions on how to accelerate or brake, and no safety equipment besides a batter’s helmet.

The six-year-old lost control of the ATV and drove it into a ravine. The ATV flipped over and landed on top of the boy, fracturing his femur. The boy was life flighted to a nearby hospital. He underwent two surgeries and was in a body case for the majority of two years. The personal injury attorneys with Smith Mohlman Leroy were able to resolve this case for over $250,000.00.

Our Kansas City area injury lawyers know the importance of following safety guidelines when operating any sort of vehicle, including cars, trucks, ATVs or tri-carts. National ATV standards require that any child under sixteen be supervised by a trained adult. In addition every ATV user should be trained in the safe operation of an ATV, and ATV’s should never be used under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The injury attorneys with Smith Mohlman Leroy represent injured individuals across Missouri and Kansas. If you or a loved one have questions about a personal injury case, call us at 913-495-9965. It is always free to discuss your case and we charge no fees unless we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

Partner Rachel Smith is a Woman Who Means Business

Smith Mohlman Leroy, LLC is pleased to announce that founding partner Rachel Smith has been named to the Kansas City Business Journal’s list of Women Who Mean Business for 2012.  Each year the Business Journal selects 25 women from all types of businesses in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  These women are selected by a panel of judges as being outstanding for their business accomplishments, growth plans for their companies, contributions to the community and efforts to improve the climate for women in business.  Rachel and this year’s other honorees now join 300 other women selected over the past 12 years to join this elite group of business women.

Rachel founded the firm in 2005 with the goal of assisting clients who have suffered personal injury accidents through the fault of others and in handling small business matters with an emphasis on litigation.  They were joined by Rachel’s former classmate Mike Mohlman in 2011 who brought experience in complex personal injury cases from Independence to Overland Park.  The firm now has six attorneys and practices on both sides of the state line.  If you have personal injury or business related legal issues in Kansas City, KS or surronding areas, come see Rachel.  She means business.

Driverless cars, is it a reality? Are insurance companies ready?

Many of us fondly recall the Jetsons cartoon from our childhoods. It was a show that still seems incredibly futuristic, and yet many of the inventions envisioned in the Jetsons aren’t yet a part of our reality. But one concept–driver-free cars–is already a possibility in 2012.

Search engine leader Google is currently testing driverless cars and Nevada has already passed regulations that pave the way for use of these car’s on Nevada roadways.

But, are they safe? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, many features of driverless cars make the roads safer, as reported in this Chicago-Tribune article:

One argument for driverless cars, is, ironically, an argument for safer roads. The reason the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has required that all new auto models include electronic stability control is that it makes vehicles safer. The agency predicts that once every vehicle on the road has the system, the feature will prevent up to 238,000 crashes and save up to 9,600 lives per year.

Windsor said electronic stability control, collision warning systems, adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping systems are good for safety and can help drive down the cost of car insurance.

One would think that insurance companies would embrace these safer vehicles, but according to the Chicago-Tribune article, the exact opposite is true. It seems that insurers are instead turning a blind eye to the possibility that use of the cars by the public will likely soon be a reality–possibly within a matter of years.

So why aren’t insurers hard at work underwriting policies for these cars? According to the article, it’s because they’re just not ready to accept the idea that these cars will be ready for mass use in just a few years:

With companies working to develop completely autonomous vehicles — in which passengers can read, sleep or work on a computer while they travel to their destination — you’d think insurance companies are developing models to underwrite insurance policies on these types of vehicles.

Not really. Several companies haven’t looked into it at all, and the ones that have say it will be several years — perhaps decades — before automated vehicles are ready for the market.

The insurers may be right. Only time will tell. But knowing how innovative Google can be, it’s a big gamble to ignore the very real possibility that driverless cars may soon be on our roadways–making the roads safer for everyone and preventing car accidents.

For the sake of the large, traditional auto insurers, let’s hope they’re ready. Otherwise, an innovative startup might just take the business of insuring driverless cars right out from under them.

This week’s legal resources you might have missed: Jan. 9 – 13

At Smith Mohlman Leroy, LLC. we enjoy keeping up with the latest legal news and sharing it with you. We firmly believe that is important to keep up with industry happenings because it is just one more way that we can help you. A bungee jumping disaster of crocodile-infested waters, a 5-year-old girl who might be healthy today with an earlier diagnosis, current Kansas legislature issues and the anti-clotting drug Pradaxa. These were some of the topics gracing legal headlines this week. As always, we thank you for reading. Have a good one!

1. Snapped bungee sends a 22-year-old girl plunging into crocodile-infested waters. The Australian tourist was bungee-jumping in Zimbabwe when disaster struck. She amazingly managed to swim to safety with a broken collarbone and her legs tied together. MSNBC has secured video footage of the jump.

2. Minnesota Court Appeals examines the possibility of a late diagnosis. Five-year-old Jocelyn has been battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer muscular cancer for most of her life. The issue being looked at by the court is whether or not she would be healthy today if she had been diagnosed earlier. What’s different in Minnesota? The legality of medical malpractice suits are linked to the patient’s chances of survival.

3. The Kansas Legislature is now in session. The Kansas City star has compiled a list of some of the key issues up for discussion. The session began on Monday.

4. Issues have been reported with anti-clotting drug Pradaxa. The blood clot prevention drug has been associated with a slightly higher risk of heart attack, said a recent study in a major medical journal. The relative increase in risk ranges from 27 to 33 percent.

This week’s legal resources you might have missed: Nov. 28 – Dec. 2

At Smith Mohlman Leroy, LLC. we enjoy keeping up with the latest legal news and sharing it with you. We firmly believe that is important to keep up with industry happenings because it is just one more way that we can help you. Potentially harmful toys, the Maryland Dream Act, diagnostic errors leading to malpractice suits, dangerous (and common) driving habits and Arsenic apple juice- that’s the lineup for this week’s blog. Once again, thanks for reading. We welcome your opinions and discussion!

1. Consumer group analysis has identified certain toys that could be potentially harmful to children. Be weary when completing your holiday shopping- the toys identified haven’t been pulled off the shelves just yet. Potential dangers include high levels of toxins, strangulation & choking hazards, and damaged hearing.

2. This 62-year-old barber from Thailand was outraged when he learned about the Dream Act. After earning a law degree in his native Thailand, this man waited eight years to obtain a visa before legally moving to the United States and starting over the right way. He is not happy to hear that illegal immigrants may now get in-state college tuition rates. Do you think this is fair? Most legal immigrants don’t.

3. Diagnostic errors account for 40% of medical malpractice claims. Furthermore, careless lapses in communication are accounting for a growing portion of these diagnostic errors. Test results are too important to wait for the doctor to call you. These are preventable.

4. A new poll reveals dangerous driving habits that are quite common. We all know that it’s extremely unsafe to text and drive, and it’s not ideal to talk on the phone and drive. How many of you had ever had a quick meal in the car? Applied makeup? These behind-the-wheel behaviors are common and distract many drivers.

5. A few months ago Dr. Oz claimed some apple juices contain levels of Arsenic that exceed federal drinking-water standards. He was right. A recent Consumer Reports study backs the doctor’s claim. Make sure you’re safe.


Here is the week’s essential Legal Industry news that you might have missed. (October 4 – October 8)

Smith/Mohlman works hard to make sure you are up to date and informed on Legal Industry News. Your opportunity to read four industry articles on our Smith/Mohlman WordPress blog for this week are right here.

This week, we focused on product liability cases, and how to prepare yourself for recovering damages. The first step? Contact Smith Mohlman.

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Also? What exactly is Product Liability?

  • Product liability is the body of law that provides for compensation for physical injuries and property damage resulting from defective and unreasonably dangerous products and from the failure of a manufacturer or seller to warn the consumer of product dangers.

Check back each Friday for the top legal news of the week.